About Us

Knowledge. Reputation. Experience. Quality – these are just some of the reasons why students from all over the world decide to invest in their education at an inlingua centre. Established in 1980 and still a trendsetter in the EFL industry, inlingua Malta is proud to be one of the island’s leading language schools. As part of the global network of inlingua centres, it is our commitment to quality and service that have always set us aside from our competition.

 Crossing language barriers

Communication is the key to success in almost every aspect of modern life. A common language establishes the foundation for effective communication, and the inlingua international slogan, crossing language barriers, succinctly conveys exactly what inlingua is dedicated to achieving.

We make languages accessible- establishing the basis for cross-cultural communication, enabling a world in which we are able to share our experiences as well as our laughter- undivided by our means of expression. 

Crossing language barriers – bringing the world together.

We do things differently

At inlingua Malta, we don’t just teach English, we teach English the inlingua way.

Our course books, our language learning resources and the inlingua method of teaching all contribute towards effective and successful language training.

The inlingua method follows a set of basic principles which focus on using the language rather than reading about it, and with 37 years of experience we are confident that our approach works.


We make it simple

inlingua Malta has 37 years experience in teaching English as a foreign langauge, which means we understand that learning a new language can be intimidating at first. 

All of our trainers are fully certified and boast many years of experience. They fully understand the challenges faced by students in the classroom. The first thing our students learn is that learning a new language should be fun and stimulating. 

Our trainers accompany their students throughout their learning journeys, partnering with them to tackle their challenges, instilling confidence in them by making the whole process simple. 

Get it right

Get it right from the very start- choose inlingua Malta and invest in a skill for life. You’ll communicate in English from the very beginning- and you’ll watch your confidence grow by the day.

You will learn English naturally, through communication. Your trainer will guide you, and through practice, correction and encouragement- in no time at all the language will come to you effortlessly.

Choose inlingua Malta and learn English your way!