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  • Testimonials

    [:en]I learned a lot, I only stayed for a week .. too short! The next time I will stay for 2 weeks. Friendly and inspiring teachers, interesting students. I loved/ enjoyed my short holiday in Malta and will definitely come back again to inlingua Malta.[:]

    - Elfi Geiger – Germany – November 2016

    [:en]I have really enjoyed my inlingua learning experience. My teacher is well prepared, the book is useful and my class mates are really nice. Now I hope I will pass the Cambridge Exam![:]

    - Beatrice – Italy – November 2016

    My holidays in Malta were very good and Inlingua School was the best part of it. I had a great class with sea view and air condition. So it was really comfortable to study. Special thanks to my teacher Fausto, because he is one of the best English teachers I've ever seen.

    - Oleg Volkov – Russia – October 2016

    It was really interesting. I want to go back and continue. Very good teacher and not a big school but enough rooms for everyone. Everything was good and well planned! Thank you very much!

    - Vladimir Acopov – Moldova – October 2016

    It was a fantastic experience, the school is great and Malta was beautiful. My teacher was very, very nice!

    - Aurelie Rechsteiner – Switzerland – October 2016

    I think it was a great experience for me. The teacher was nice and the people of the school too. I have learnt a lot so it was very good.

    - Corentin Vullioud – Switzerlad – October 2016

    My experience with Inlingua were very good! Also the teacher and the balance between grammar, reading and speaking and the balance between studying and free time in Malta is perfect!

    - Jean-Francois Vuilloud – Switzerland – October 2016

    Great School ! Our german teacher was super... And everybody was so helpful.

    - Christine Rechsteiner Vullioud – France – October 2016

    My experience with Inlingua was really satisfactorily. I attended the English course for personell advantage. I'm really happy here!

    - Nino Bregvadze – Germany – October 2016

    I had a great experience! Lessons with Vanessa were very good to learn grammar, she is very patient and afternoon lessons with Yvonne were a challange for me. I enjoyed to stay in Malta and I hope to come back soon.

    - Peter Mlynarcík – Slovak Republic – October 2016

    My experience in Malta was beautiful from day one as we felt as though we are at home immediately. My friends and I have made a lot of fun and exciting memories, which we will treasure for the rest of our lives. The English course was very helpful and I'm sure it will be of great help for my future job. The part I liked best of my holiday, was our visit to Golden Bay.

    - Elisa Antonino – Italy – Sept 2016

    My teacher was very friendly and interesting, she helped me improve my English considerably as we did a lot of conversation exercises in class.

    - Cecilia Carotenuto – Italy – Sept 2016

    inlingua Malta has helped me focus on some skills and improvements with my English. Found the lessons very interesting and engaging. I wish to be back soon.

    - Letizia Lastrucci – Italy – Sept 2016

    I loved this English language course, with inlingua Malta, because I believe that my English has improved a lot thanks to the speaking opportunities we had in class. I fell in love with Malta because of its beautiful places i visited and the people i met. I will definitely recommend inlingua Malta to my friends, and would like to thank my teacher Yvonne for such a great job.

    - Chiara Cirivello – Italy – Sept 2016

    My inlingua learning experience was interesting and helpful. I improved my English, I met many people from other countries and I made a lot of conversation.

    - Giada A. – Italy – Sept 2016

    I don't regret at all to have chosen Malta and inlingua indeed, as my learning English process. In the last 3 months i felt the inlingua team as a family, always happy and keen in helping me. One of the best experiences I have ever had.

    - Brenda T. – 28 yrs- Ecuador – 23 September 2016

    It was the best experience for me.  I really enjoyed my lessons a lot and i had lovely teachers. I got everything i wished for. Thank you very much indeed and wish inlingua the prosperity for your future.

    - Ekaterina V. – 26 yrs old – Russia – September 2016

    My experience made me understand that I still have a lot to learn. I learned a good number of new words, phrases and expressions. Learning in a mini group, with a maximum of 6 students, was ideal for me. Will have to come again.

    - Helga N.- Italy – September 2016

    I have been in Inlingua for about 24 weeks and I can say that it s an amazing experience. I'll never forget it because instead of improve my English I met a lot of beautiful people from different countries. Thank you Inlingua for everything

    - Ionela Bruiser – Romania – August 2016

    I am once again here at inlingua Malta to better my Business English. It has been, and always turns out to be a very fruitful and successful experience. This time I was accompanied by my 2 young daughters, they too had a lot of fun during their lessons and learnt a lot. In summary, it can be said that inlingua - both for professional as well as for private needs, is very good and i can highly recommend it.

    - Markus Bluemle – Germany – June 2016

    Very good experience. Employees are nice, teachers very professional. I recommend to come to inlingua Malta. If it's possible i will come again the next year.

    - Nicolas Delaporte – France – June 2016

    I have spent a great week and class was very interesting. Great atmosphere in class and school. Will surely come back.

    - Bryon Agnes – France – June 2016

      It has been a good experience because we have studied the basic things that we forgot, teachers were very nice and with the activities at school we have discovered this amazing country.

    - Emie & Baptistine – France – March 2016

    Very short experience but it was very amazing, really enjoyed the course and i will return next year.

    - Beatriz A. – Spain – March 2016

    Everything was fine. I had two weeks class and I appreciated my stay in Malta. The staff at inlingua are very professional, friendly and helped me for everything. I hope to come back for attending another class.

    - Luisi P.- France – March 2016

      It was amazing. I had a great time and the classes are awesome!  

    - David – Spain – Mar 2016

    I am so happy to have this experience, to learn English with a super teacher and great classmates. I will remember inlingua Malta forever. Thanks to all the staff.

    - Lily Carla – France – Feb 2016

    The school offers a great service and a great welcome. The staff is pretty helpful and friendly.

    - Benito & Giovanna – Italy – December 2015

    We like the school because the teachers are competent, the class sizes are small and we were put into the right classes. The school also offers a lot of after school activities. All staffs are very friendly and support us to organize our trips. I would definitely come again and also recommend this school to our friends.

    - Datong Xu – China – October 2015

    The best teachers ever!!! It's my 7th time here with inlingua Malta.        

    - Kate Solomeina – Russia – June 2015

    Very good teachers and atmosphere in class.

    - Emilija Lauraitytė – Lithuania – May 2015

    Had a great experience at inlingua Malta due to its teaching method and lovely teachers i met.

    - Rita M. – Italy – May 2015

    I really liked the staff at school and the hospitality they had from the first day. Thank you inlingua Malta.

    - Katia M. – Italy – May 2015

    It was a very interesting and interactive course of English, because I got to speak with  a lot of different people and my level of the language has improved.

    - Nunzia – Italy – March 2015

    It was a great experience for me to be at this school. I learend much about grammar. In the afternoon I did communication in a class with less students. The great benefit was that the students came from several different countries. So I could improved my English very well!

    - Ute – Germany – March 2015

    Everybody are friendly and so kind!! My teacher is excellent , and her pronunciation is very British! Malta is so beautiful place, the buildings are awesome

    - Kishou – Japan – March 2015

    At Inlingua school I have improved my English thanks to my good teacher. I really love it this experience. All the staff is very kindly and friendly.

    - Giuseppe – Italy – March 2015

    The English course was really useful and I really enjoyed all the free activities that the school organized for all the student. The staff is very good and polite. I suggest this school to everyone who really needs to improve their English.

    - Luca – Italy – March 2015

    My English teacher is really nice. The course is very interesting and I'm improving my English day by day. The staff is very professional and friendly.

    - Allison – France – February 2015

    I am attending the general English course and I'm feeling very good here. The school and all the staff is amazing. My teacher May is a really good teacher and she is teaching me a lot.

    - Melanie – France – February 2015

    It has been great experience to improve my English, I like Malta a lot because there is the beautiful sea.

    - Athilie – France- February 2015

    I think that the school is really good. The teacher take time to explain better all the arguments. The school is amazing and all the staff is very professional and always ready to help you. I will suggest this school to everybody.

    - Claudia – France- February 2015

    I think this is one of the schools I have most attended. I love coming back over and over. They teach you grammar and in the same time they let you speak in order to improve your English both in working environments and in ordinary life. The staff is very kind and friendly. They are always ready to help you.

    - Stefano – Italy- February 2015

    I am feeling good in learning and improving my English, I needed a lot. Maybe I come next year again.

    - Marcin – Poland – February 2015

    I like Inlingua school and Malta is beautiful.

    - Adrianna – Poland – February 2015

    It has been a very interesting experience and a great opportunity for me to improve and practice my English. Thank you for everything

    - Liliana – Italy – January 2015

    This is the best experience of my life. It was amazing and interesting. The lessons and the teacher were very very good. I don't want to go away....

    - Cristina – Italy – January 2015

    I think this school is good, I really love it, I really enjoyed the lessons, I had a great time here. Great teachers. It was a fantastic experience. Thanks

    - Claudia – Italy – January 2015

    I had a great experience and met a lot of people of different nationalities. I enjoyed it and will definitely return this summer.

    - Serena – Italy – January 2015

    It was a beautiful experience. The lessons were fine and funny and they helped me improve my level of English.

    - Simona – Italy – January 2015

    I have been in Malta since November and my experience here is really good. inlingua help me to improve my English and thanks of this I met a lot of people of around the world. I'm very happy with the school and also with the teachers.

    - Laura – Spain – January 2015

    I've spent time at this amazing school. During the course I met many teachers and all of them are very qualified. Nice cheerful atmosphere, a lot of activities. I recommend.

    - Yuri – Russia – January 2015

    Was a unexpected surprise and a great discovery.. The inlingua vacation. I got more than I expected. The staff were extremely friendly and professional. Malta too was a lovely discovery and I do recommend it to anyone wanting a fantastic vacation.

    - Patrycja – Poland – January 2015

    It was a beautiful time at inlingua school and i will come back in the summer. I have improved my English here. Thank you.

    - Gerd – Germany – January 2015

    I think this school so good and I want to thank my teacher, June, and my private lesson teacher Donovan.

    - Evgeny – Russia

    My holiday in Malta was very nice and the inlingua staff were very friendly and helpful. I am extremely happy because I have improved my English a lot.

    - Cedric – France

      Really liked the inlingua method of teaching, was very interactive and teacher was exceptionally friendly.

    - Gianluca – Italy

    Enjoyed my English course, but not much time to visit Malta and its beautiful history and architecture.

    - Antoinette – Italy

    This is a really cool school and I recommend it for students who wish to learn English effectively and have fun at the same time. inlingua Malta has the best staff and will surely help you achieve your goals.

    - Ana – France

    I really loved it! My classmates were fantastic and the lessons gave me the opportunity to improve my English skills, especially thanks to the possibility to practice my spoken English during class.

    - Valeria – Russia

    I really enjoyed the lessons. The topics were chosen very well by our teacher and the atmosphere in the school and also in our class was great. Learning how to converse in English was made easier thanks to this.  I wish to also thank the amazing classmates and helpful staff at inlingua.

    - Andrei – Russia

    The learning method at inlingua Malta is superb and the teachers and all the staff are amazing. It was truly an unforgettable experience studying here.

    - Alberto – Spain

    I had a great time at inlingua Malta. Both teachers Maria and Simona were amazing ! :)

    - Marina – Russia

    Lovely staff and great atmosphere at school. The conversation club teacher Simone is amazing and knows a lot about History

    - Thomas – Czech Republic

    Great teachers and fantastic staff. I made a lot of new friends! I really like the activities aswell. They were lovely and I exciting :)

    - Barush – Czech Republic

    I made a lot of new fantastic friends in this school. The weather is fantastic and the teachers are great!

    - Gioele – Italy

    I was a bit afraid in the beginning because I thought it would take some time for me to get used to the school and the students. However the staff and teachers were very welcoming and the inlingua learning method has surely helped me improve my English faster!

    - Esther – Spain

    It was a fantastic learning experience. I really enjoyed myself because I could combine learning with fun thanks to the various activities the school has to offer

    - Batracio – Spain

    The best English learning school in Malta. You will surely leave with a smile and more knowedge of the English language from this school.

    - Carmen – Spain

    I love this school because it gave me a great opportunity to practice and improve my English. The staff was amazing and always with a positive attitude

    - Ana – Russia

    inlingua Malta is the best school of languages in Malta! Chris and Daniel are the best mentors :)))). It may not be the biggest, but I think its the best ! I arrived in Malta at the beginning of July. I forgot the exact date, but it really doesn't matter because the days go by really fast here. Especially with all the activities there are around Malta and Gozo !

    - Ivana – Russia

    inlingua Malta makes me go to the lessons with a smile even on a Monday morning. This school is great !

    - Evgenija – Russia

    Excellent school, great teachers and awesome staff :)

    - Gabi – Switzerland

    I had a good time. Fausto was a great teacher in the morning and Pat in the afternoon. Many thanks to the Inlingua team!

    - Philip – Switzerland

    It was very interesting and useful course for me. I learned a lot of important vocabulary and had opportunity to practise my speaking with very nice teachers!

    - Polina – Russia

    Friendly, knowledgeable, excellent explain study material.Next summer I am going to come to Malta to learn English. inlingua is the Best!!!

    - Tatiana – Russia

    It was really usefull to improve my English. There are small groups and high interaction between teacher and students

    - David – Spain

    Atmosphere in class = EXCELLENT!!!

    - Tibor – Slovakia

    Good that the class has been kept as small as possible. The amiability from the teachers and the employers is fantastic. Great Location.

    - Carmen – Switzerland

    I like my teacher very much, It's interesting to speak with her, she teaches excellent

    - Irina – Russia

    The teacher is very good and lesson interesting, I like that in the classroom we can talk with the teachers and other students

    - Gloria – Italy

    It was an excellent course of languages for my English. It's a perfect school for the study of the English Language, with good teachers and good personel in the school. It has a perfect location in the centre of Malta

    - Lorenzo – Italy

    I think I am lucky to have the best teacher of IELTS. Thank you!! I will be miss you!!

    - Rufina – Russia

    A very good teacher and I think I can speak for the whole class if I say she gives very good lessons with the perfect mix!! Also I learned a lot of things in her lessons. Thank you!!

    - Elisabeth – Germany

    Small classes, a very kind teacher who was always willing helping us with a lot of patience. Thank you!!!

    - Madeleine – Switzerland

    The language course are good and the teachers are very nice people. The most thing I like about inlingua Malta is the people in inlingua are friendly and nice

    - Ali – Libya

    I'm really enjoy studied English, with my teacher. Everything and everyone was excellent!!! Thank you very much

    - Volodymyr – Ukraine

    I like because I talk aout my experienceand emotion without problems and with another people that came from other places

    - Valentina – Italy

    My language course and my teacher were perfect, lessons are great!!!

    - Francesca – Italy

    This four weeks in Inlingua Malta are nice, I improve my English and know friendly people. Here the teachers are very nice and teaching very well, they worry for your education.

    - Laura – Spain

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  • Speak English Faster


    English has its own set of rules in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciations may be

    very different from those of the native language spoken by an English as a Second
    Language learner. By following ten simple steps, however, non-native English
    speakers can speak, write, read, and listen to English confidently and effortlessly.
    These simple steps on how to learn English as a Second Language are discussed

    1. Set Your English Proficiency Goal

    Non-native English speakers wanting to master English as a Second Language must
    set out their English proficiency goals. Goals are important because they let English as
    a Second Language students be reminded of what they ultimately want to accomplish
    with their English studies. Some of the questions that learners of English as a Second
    Language must ask themselves when identifying their English proficiency goals

    • What areas of my English as a Second Language skills do I want to
    improve? Listening, writing, speaking, and/or reading?
    • When do I want see these areas improved? In one year? In two years?
    • How can I measure my improvement? Is it when I can use English as a
    Second Language with ease when speaking with my foreign colleagues and friends?
    Is it when I can use English as a Second Language in calls, e-mails, letters,
    presentations, or conferences?

    2. Know Your Motivations and Be Constantly Reminded About Them

    It may take a couple of months to become fluent in English as a Second Language.
    Thus, it would be helpful if English as a Second Language students can stay
    motivated during their studies of the English language. To identify their motivations,
    learners must ask themselves, “Why do I want to be great at English?” Some of the
    answers to these questions may include:

    • I want to put an end to the embarrassment I’ve felt all these years when I’m
    unable to speak in English.
    • I want to get promoted at work with the help of my high scores in business
    English tests.
    • I want to be assigned overseas where English is used as a language for
    • I want to enter a prestigious university in a foreign country where English is
    widely used as a medium of communication.
    • I want to expand my business overseas by negotiating with customers,
    suppliers, or partners in English.
    • I want to gain new friends from around the world through the English

    3. Get Help from an Excellent teaching institution

    A study of English as a Second Language is made more efficient and effective with the
    help of a skilled and enthusiastic English teacher. Such a teacher can help students of
    English as a Second Language by doing the following:

    • Spot students’ errors in English.
    • Explain the errors.
    • Help students avoid such errors in the future.
    • Foster a learning environment that is conducive to learning English as a
    Second Language.
    • Encourage students to keep on studying despite some difficulties with
    English studies.

    4. Cultivate Your Willingness to Learn English

    Not even the most experienced English teacher could ever help students in mastering
    English as a Second Language if these students are unwilling to accept feedback
    about their weaknesses in English and to improve. Thus, it is quite important for
    English as a Second Language learners to request their teachers give them as much
    criticism as possible about their English proficiency. However, they must take their
    teachers’ criticisms constructively. It is also very important for English as a Second
    Language students to try to learn English with passion. If students are not passionate
    about English as a Second Language, perhaps they may need to be reminded about
    their goals and motivations for studying.

    5. Study and Put Your Learning into Practice

    Arguably the most important tip for learning English as a Second Language is to study
    and put all acquired learning into practice. As the adage goes, “Practice makes
    perfect.” To practice English as a Second Language, it is best to run through English
    speaking, listening, writing, and reading.
    Some of the ways by which English as a Second Language learners can practice

    • Read English news or blogs.
    • Write e-mails in English.
    • Listen to English podcasts or videos.
    • Make phone calls or video calls in the English language.

    6. Use English at Work, School, or Home

    People who want to learn English as a Second Language must try to immerse
    themselves in English as much as possible. This is because immersion will allow them
    to become very familiar with English – its sounds, words, phrases, and sentence
    constructions. Immersion will also allow them to understand how English is used in a
    natural setting and in conversations. Through immersion, they will eventually find
    themselves developing the habit of using English with ease and confidence.
    To be immersed in English, English as a Second Language learners must try to:

    • Read English articles regularly.
    • Listen to English news, songs, or conversations.
    • Watch English TV programs, videos, or movies.
    • Write English letters, e-mails, presentations, blogs, or journals.

    7. Enlarge Your English Word Bank

    To learn English as a Second Language, it is essential to be taught about English
    vocabulary or the words, phrases, expressions, and idioms of the language.
    Vocabulary will allow English as a Second Language learners to express their
    thoughts vividly and meaningfully using proper English words.
    A limited vocabulary will definitely hold them back from getting their messages across,
    which could be extremely upsetting.
    Some of the ways by which people can learn English as a Second Language by
    expanding their vocabulary are:

    • reading English articles
    • playing English word games
    • looking up words in an English dictionary

    To learn more and more about English words, beginner students of English as a
    Second Language may also want to invest in a quality bilingual dictionary.
    This is because bilingual dictionaries can help them with translating and comparing
    English words with the words in their native language.
    However, they must not be overly reliant on their bilingual dictionaries.
    Once beginner English as a Second Language learners have graduated to the
    intermediate level English proficiency, then they may get themselves a monolingual
    English dictionary and dispose of the bilingual dictionary.

    8. Understand the Rules English Grammar and Don’t Break Them

    To learn English as a Second Language, non-native English users must understand
    the rules of English grammar and how these rules apply.
    Grammar is simply the set of rules that describe how words, phrases, and clauses are
    formed into meaningful sentences in English.
    Some people who are trying to learn English as a Second Language view grammar
    either as challenging or boring.
    Regrettably, such an attitude towards English grammar prevents these people from
    fully learning English and how it is used correctly.
    Grammar can be interesting if perceived the right way.
    With this in mind, people who are trying to learn English as a Second Language must
    commit to memory that grammar will help them become fluent in the global language of

    9. Practice Pronunciations

    To learn English as a Second Language for oral communications, non-native English
    users must familiarize themselves with English pronunciations.
    The importance of being familiar with English pronunciations cannot be downplayed.
    If non-native English users are not skilled in English pronunciations, then they are
    likely to be misunderstood.
    If they are misunderstood, then they may feel downright embarrassed and utterly
    Thus, people who try to learn English as a Second Language must practice English
    pronunciations in the following areas:

    • pronunciations of specific sounds of English
    • English word stress
    • English sentence stress
    • English sentence intonation
    10. Forget About Mistakes But Learn From Them

    In the course of learning English as a Second Language, non-native English users
    may realize how often they commit mistakes in reading, writing, listening, and
    These mistakes are a natural part of the learning process and somehow expected.
    Thus, they should not deter learners from studying English as a Second Language.
    It is, nevertheless, very important for learners to gain knowledge from their mistakes.
    Committing a few English mistakes is forgivable.
    However, committing the same mistakes over and over is just absurd.
    Copyright © 2011 Kerlyn Bautista

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