Megalithic Temples & Natural Wonders

The megalithic temples of Malta, dating from 5500 years ago are the oldest free standing stone structures of the world. They are on the prestigious list of World Heritage Sites and few countries in the world can claim to have pre-historic structures which are older than the Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge.

prehistoric templeMalta and Gozo have seven of these amazing structures and each are a result of individual development. The Ggantija Temples of Gozo are a testament to the enormous achievement dating from the Bronze Age and the temples of Hagar Qim , Mnajdra and Tarxien in Malta are architectural masterpieces considering the limited resources available to builders at that time.

The Hypogeum in Hal Saflieni is the only prehistoric underground temple in the world and a unique monument thought to be a sanctuary dating from 2500 B.C.

The turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon in Comino, the luminous water at the Blue Grotto in Zurrieq and the sea hewn Azure Window in Dwejra, Gozo are sights not to be missed. The rocky landscape of the Maltese coast and the deep, blue sea that surround make much of the Maltese islands a natural wonder.