Eating Out

Malta is a food lover’s paradise due to the many influences that have resulted in our unique cuisine.
Experience the Mediterranean diet for yourself and feast on meals of fresh fish, salads and our famous Maltese bread. A traditional Maltese rabbit meal is called a fenkata and is usually a large social event shared by families and friends.

maltese pizzaItalian influences are evident in the large number of pizza and pasta trattorias found all over the island. Asian restaurants are becoming more and more popular and Chinese, Japanese and Indian restaurants are easily affordable. For a special occasion choose an Asian fusion restaurant that combines the best of the East with the West.

Turkish kebab houses and Maltese pastizzerias are ideal for those who want to eat quickly and cheaply, or visit one of the many cafes and bistros which offer original snacks and light meals for very reasonable prices.
Stick to tried and tested flavours or go for something truly special and unique. Whatever you are looking for, you won’t be disappointed!