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  • Hi, my name is Alessandro, I come from Italy and today I’m finishing my internship in inlingua School of Malta. Well, starting from Malta as a country, I loved it. With is mixture of culture and architecture, it is a treat for the eyes; everything breaths history, everything breaths Mediterranean, everything is the perfect mixture of years and years of renewing and stabilizing. The Melting Pot of the Mediterranean Sea, that’s how I would call it. The inlingua School of language is one the most known international brand of schools worldwide. It counts over 322 centre scattered around 37 different countries! That’s a whole lot of schools.The Maltese centre keeps up the good name of the brand with its beautiful setting, in the rich city of Sliema, and also with its qualified and friendly staff, which have their costumers’ satisfaction in mind, all the time. I highly recommend the school if you need to improve your English fast or either if, as me, your searching for an int

    - My Work Experience at inlingua Malta – Alessandro

    It was a very interesting and interactive course of English, because I got to speak with  a lot of different people and my level of the language has improved.

    - Nunzia – Italy – March 2015

    It was a great experience for me to be at this school. I learend much about grammar. In the afternoon I did communication in a class with less students. The great benefit was that the students came from several different countries. So I could improved my English very well!

    - Ute – Germany – March 2015

    Everybody are friendly and so kind!! My teacher is excellent , and her pronunciation is very British! Malta is so beautiful place, the buildings are awesome

    - Kishou – Japan – March 2015

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    inlingua Malta

    inlingua Malta

    Celebrating 35 years in operation! We pride ourselves in being the 2nd language school on the island and we are trend setters in the EFL industry in Malta. We form part of the inlingua international global franchise with over 330 centres in 38 countries worldwide. We strive to maintain strict quality standards inlingua international is renowned for and this is the key to our success! Choosing inlingua Malta comes with an added advantage of continuous learning at another inlingua centre in your area using the same course books worldwide




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